Stephenson and Associates have changed names and addresses. We are now located in Auchenflower and are trading as OT MedicoLegal. You can find our new website here www.otmedicolegal.com.au


Occupational Therapists – Medico Legal Specialists


Excellence in medicolegal reporting by highly experienced Occupational Therapists


Following commencement of litigation proceedings after illness or injury the unbiased opinion of an experienced Occupational Therapist is beneficial to determine the impact of the illness or injury on a person’s life including the impact on home, work and leisure activities.

At Stephenson & Associates we identify a person’s needs relevant to compensation following illness or injury. We provide advice on qantum issues in areas of employability, pain and suffering, loss of lifestyle, rehabilitation needs, gratuitous care and provide recommendations for adaptive equipment, treatment and retraining for return to work purposes.

We have been providing medicolegal assessments for 25 years and pride ourselves on our personal level of service from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about our services or how to book an appointment.